Custom Carbide End Mills

Specialty Milling Tools Made to Order Carbide End Mills

Whether interpolating special forms, milling tapers or maybe you are just interested in a little more tool life, let our expertise and experience give you a leg up on your application.

As with all of our tools, coolant-thru and coating options are available. Send us a message or give us a call to get started on your next project!

Expediting services and blanket pricing available.



Built by our engineers to dominate your project.

Dovetail Picture

Carbide Dovetail Cutters

Cougar's dovetail cutters are designed to excel in your specific material application.

Our unique variable geometry allows us to achieve a chatter-free finish, especially on softer work materials like aluminum.

Cougar Cutting Tools Inc

PCD & Diamond Coated End Mills

Cougar is now pleased to offer both PCD-tipped and Diamond Coated end mills! Great for high-production machining of soft materials like aluminum and graphite. Diamond coatings are best in class for durability and performance. Contact us today for a quote!

  • Extreme tool life
  • Increased speeds and feeds
  • Best edge retention
  • Increased parts per tool
Diamond Coat Pic

You can request these tools through this page, or email us for a quote!

Get your ball end mill in the size you need, standard or not.

Taper End Mill

Carbide Taper End Mills

Achieve your angled forms and your desired tooling life with Cougar.

Capable of corner radii or an intricate form, let us design your next tool to make a perfect slot in your application.