Custom Carbide Drills

Most Flexible Custom Carbide Manufacturer

Cougar provides manufacturing environments with reliable custom tooling for metal-cutting applications. Capable of small runs and huge batches of cutting tools, we can turn tools around in 3 weeks standard, with expedite options available

Let us uncomplicate special tooling for you, reach out today!

  • Specialized Tool Design
  • Premium Material Grades
  • Custom Coolant, Steps, Shanks
  • Multiple Coating Options
  • Designed for Resharpening
  • Expediting services and blanket pricing available

Click on a tool to learn more, and to build your own!

High Performance Drills excel in designed applications, lasting a long time and cutting great holes.

3 flute drills can provide better surface finishes, and are capable of higher feeds.

Step drills combine two or more different cut diameters into a single tool, reducing time to change out drills during production.

The precision required to make these tools sets Cougar apart from other manufacturers.

Parabolic drills have great chip extraction; open fluting allows for easy chip flow. Recommended for deep holes with sticky material!

Straight flute, coolant-thru. double margin drills are great for soft materials, and are easily resharpened.

Similar to a step drill, subland drills retain the individual characteristics of two different geometries. Cut perfect countersinks with ease!

Taper drills have an angled cut, perfect for applications where a precise fit matters.

Cut on any angled surface with these drilling marvels.