Custom Carbide Drills



Cougar provides manufacturing environments with reliable custom tooling for metal-cutting applications. Unlike some shops, we're capable of small runs and huge batches of cutting tools. When you consider our expedite options, we might just be your best chance of getting your tools in time for your production run. You can trust Cougar to tackle your special drilling needs; we're the most flexible carbide tool manufacturer in the industry.

  • Specialized Tool Design
  • Premium Material Grades
  • Custom Coolant, Steps, Shanks
  • Multiple Coating Options
  • Designed for Resharpening
  • Expediting services and blanket pricing available

Click on a tool to learn more, and to build your own!

High Performance Drills excel in their designed applications, lasting a long time and cutting holes with great surface finish.

3 flute drills can provide better surface finishes, and are capable of higher feeds than their 2 flute counterparts.

Step drills combine different cut diameters and features into a single tool, reducing time to change out drills during production. These are Cougar's bread and butter.

The precision and processes required to make these tools sets Cougar apart from other manufacturers.

Parabolic drills extract chips very effectively, and their open flutes allow for easy chip flow. Recommended for deep holes with sticky material!

Straight flute, coolant-thru, and double margin? These drills are great for soft materials, and are easily resharpened. Another tool we're especially excellent at creating.

Similar to a step drill, subland drills retain the individual characteristics of two different flute geometries. Cougar has made a huge variety of subland tools with vastly different purposes and cutting features.

Taper drills have an angled cut, perfect for applications where a precise fit matters.

The special point lets these cut on angled or curved surfaces without wandering off center. Don't let anyone catch you slipping!