About Us


Give us a call; we don’t bite.

Cougar Cutting Tools is a privately held manufacturer of custom solid carbide cutting tools located in Clinton Township. Since 1987, we have supplied the aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical industries. Cougar prides ourselves on our versatility, quality, and customer service. By utilizing JIT and lean manufacturing principles, Cougar is able to provide you with the tools you need when you need them.

We specialize in custom and high-performance tooling. Cougar has a large product portfolio of tool geometries with a team of experienced tooling experts to provide you with cutting edge carbide tooling. Capable of many coolant-thru configurations, PVD coatings, and custom dimensions, your next project will be easy prey when you pick Cougar.

Sales/Distribution Opportunities

Cougar is always looking for new outside salespeople, and new companies to distribute with. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information and sales materials. We can provide sales support, private labeling, and service in a pinch. 


What do you guys do?

Cougar makes specialty carbide cutting tools to blueprint standards for manufacturing/production environments. We also do modifications, resharpening/regrinds, inspections, and laser marking services. All of our carbide, round shank tools are generally made in our facility in Clinton Township.

Can you make hand drill bits?

Cougar doesn't condone our tools for use in hand tools like drills. The nature of carbide makes tools in hand drills prone to snapping. We can make anything you need, but guaranteeing the performance is difficult when tools are not ran in optimal cutting conditions.

How do I request a quote?

The easiest way to request a quote is by emailing us your request at [email protected]. Please include the quantities needed, what the tool is cutting, prints/sketches, and any other relevant information to your project.

You can always give us a call, or navigate through our tool pages for our tool building forms.

Wow, this quote looks good! How do I place an order?

All orders, requests for order acknowledgments, and order updates should be submitted to [email protected]. On the purchase order, please include shipping address, phone number, company name, and shipment method.

What is the overship/overshipment policy mentioned on your quote?

All orders are subject to 10% over or under the quantity of the tools ordered, unless specified on the purchase order.

For example, if you ordered 15 tools, you would receive 1 additional tool over the quantity ordered if you accept overship. If you do not accept overship, we would only run the amount ordered through the shop.

Wow, what DON'T you guys do?

There are some tools that we cannot work on. Your best bet for seeing if we can make something is asking! Cougar only makes solid carbide tooling, but we can sometimes quote other tool materials upon request.