KILLER Picatinny Rail Cutter

Picatinny Cropped

Companies that produce products for defense trust Cougar to deliver tools they need to get the job done. The need for a quality custom product is usually caused by other tools not holding up. This Picatinny rail cutter was no exception, and the customer came to us to make a superior tool.


Machining Picatinny Rails

Workpiece Material:


Machining Objective:

Mill along aluminum rail to generate form for firearm accessories.


Cougar was approached by a machining company and was challenged to develop a tool that would mill a Picatinny rail form.

Our Solution/Results:

Cougar designed and manufactured a cutter that would mill aluminum to achieve the customer’s requirements.  Through a combination of cutting geometry and post-processing, the tool has been a success in its objective. The better your tools, the better your results!